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Nowadays, airless bottle packaging received the favour of many high-end cosmetics brand, such as SAMPAR VIVID RADIANCE SERUM,MAMONDE Total Solution Smart Watery Cream, they use the airless bottles to hold the skin care products.
Indeed, airless bottle looks higher grade than other plastic bottles, that is the key one.I think another important factor is that airless environment can well protect our skin care products.
Airless container is in a sealed condition, is can’t get into the air, forming a fully enclosed environment, make the products not polluted by the outside world. It can prolong products saving time, let the large capacity products can last longer. Press type airless bottle design, it is more convenient to use.
Good airless bottle is absolutely don’t have to worry about product residue in the bottom. the airless pump system will press the product to the mouth, even a drop of it. Besides,opaque milk white bottle protects skin care products from oxidation.


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