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  • Glass Bottle Manufacturers Should Turn To Network Sales To Reduce Costs

    At present, the domestic various industries are in the transformation and upgrading. With the rising of raw materials, wages and so on, as a labor-intensive glass bottle manufacturers, face more and more pressure. There are a lot of glass bottles in the domestic enterprises, in the export sector accounted for the majority of business, with the pressure of foreign exchange, wages increased, in the export competitiveness is becoming weaker. In the past, the domestic glass bottle enterprises received a single mainly through the foreign trade companies and exhibition forms. Through the foreign trade company’s glass bottle orders have a large part of the profits into the foreign trade company’s pockets, the profit is not high, through the exhibition of foreign related glass bottles to obtain orders, the exhibition fee and related personnel costs, accumulated every year is a small burden. Now, with the development of the Internet, glass bottle enterprises through the form of network to obtain domestic and international glass bottles orders, the network to promote the cost of a lot of investment, to a certain extent, reduce the burden of enterprises. We hope that more and more bottle-glass companies will be able to transfer part of the focus… Continue reading

  • How To Use Essential Oil Bottles?

    Essential oil bottles in the life of a wide range of applications, but there are many people do not know how to use the essential oil bottles? 1. Open the essential oil bottle method: Because of the use of safety switches to prevent children from opening the risk. Please press the cap first, then turn on the lid, the lid on the direct rotation of the cover can be locked, this is the relief of essential oil design. 2. Before using the small funnel in the mouth, and then pour the favorite essential oil about 6 minutes, you can also use 2 or 3 different essential oils mixed into the incense bottle, the blending of the flavor, there will be different mood. 3. Then put the core cotton thread in the bottle, after 20 minutes of vaporization essential oil completely penetrate core heart and head, the next step can be followed. Because it can protect the head and easy to ignite the core. 4. 20 minutes later, use a lighter or a match to ignite the head of the Wick please remember to place the incense bottles of the vaporized essential oil in a safe and stable place, and before… Continue reading

  • Advantages and Materials Selection of Plastic Packaging Bottles

    Advantages and production technology of plastic packaging bottle : plastic packaging bottles are mainly used for the health products of a plastic products, can guarantee the normal transport and use of health products. Plastic packaging bottles in the health care products in the production and packaging plays an important role, packaging health food, its main material is resin, its nature: tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, matte, milky white wax-like granules, density of about 0.920g/cm3, melting point 130℃~145℃. Plastic packaging bottles can withstand a good high temperature, in the high temperature will not produce a certain deformation and damage, will not produce a certain harmful gases, endanger the health of the human body. Plastic packaging bottles can display good value in the health care industry and play an important role in packaging. Plastic packaging bottle production process needs to be in accordance with a certain process and methods of production, strict adherence to certain procedures and standards for production, to ensure that the production of plastic bottles without a certain environmental pollution, to achieve a certain standard of hygiene. Plastic bottle is mainly to non-toxic polymer polymers such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) as the main raw materials,… Continue reading

  • Glass Bottles Is Not Simply Used As Package

    Most of the time, we see a glass bottle as simply as a container for packaging. However, glass bottles are packed in a wide range of areas, beverages, food, cosmetics, medicine. In fact, glass bottles in the packaging, but also play a role in other functions. Let’s start by talking about the role of glass bottles in wine packaging, and we all know that wine is almost always packaged in glass bottles, and that the colours are dark. In fact, dark wine glass bottles can play a role in protecting the quality of wine, to avoid wine because of the cause of the deterioration of light, to protect the better storage of wine. In other words, oil bottles, in fact, essential oil is very easy to play, the light requirements are very strict, therefore, essential oil bottles to protect essential oil is not easy to evaporate. So, glass bottles in food, medicine and other fields should do more. For example, food needs durability, how to further enhance the shelf life of food through the packaging of glass bottles is very necessary.

  • How to Use Cosmetic Vacuum Bottle

    Some of the cosmetics that people now use are vacuum bottles with a lot of pressure, in the use of the time only need to gently press a few can come out, and then can backlog in their own palm inside, so this bottle is based on what principle can squeeze out things, what is the material of the bottle, we need to know. Cosmetic vacuum bottle If is extruded, then need to the bottle material has a better choice, should be not easy to break, preferably can choose plastic material, not easy to break down, and bear the pressure is relatively strong. In general, the bottle containing cosmetics is inside the bottle will have a free movement of the site, and then use the process will slowly move to the top, until the bottle inside the thing is about to run out of time and then this tray will be closer to the top of the bottle near the position. Then open the lid and push the removable pallet to the bottom should be a lot of time to wash the bottle clean, because skin care products are needed to be relatively clean, and then can be installed in… Continue reading


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