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  • How To Clean Essential Oil Bottles?

    How to clean essential oil bottles? We use a lot of tools every day to clean. For some things to use when you want to reuse when cleaning up very troublesome, always feel there will be washed unclean feeling, and for the essential oil, wash up more difficult, and taste difficult to clean. after essential oil is used up, use a good absorbent paper cushion in the bottle to let the bottle upside down, about one days. The remaining oil will flow down. Wipe the inside of the bottle with a pair of tweezers and then rub the paper over again, and then wipe it again with toilet tissue. Clean the water with detergent, then pour it into the bottle, cover the cap and then shake it, then place it for about 15 minutes, pour it out, and then add it again, 3 times, and rinse it out. Then wipe the inner wall of the bottle with a paper towel, open the lid and put it in the window or ventilated place to ventilate, if the emergency can be directly blown with a hair dryer, not too hot wind.  

  • Advantages of Plastic Roll On Bottles for Eye Cream

    Roll on bottles for eye cream, it does not need you to use two hands daub can directly effect in the eye week skin. It is convenientuse and sanitation The ball temperature is lower than the hand, the cool touch helps to eliminate eye swelling Ball-eye cream is mostly tubular packaging, easy to carry, shake off the traditional cream bottle, which is the eye cream packaging a great progress. The plastic ball bottle weight is light, overcomes the glass ball bottle fragile flaw, Direct injection of various colors, direct injection molding smooth and frosted effect, low cost, high grade. Product after vacuum leak detection, there is no leakage problem, let you use worry-free. Excell packaing is a professional cosmetic packaging supplier including cosmetic bottles, cosmetic jars & containers, essential oil bottles, aluminum containers, glass roll on bottles, etc. At the same time, we also produce the cosmetic packaging according to customers’ requirements with high quality and perfect seal performance. Our products are widely exported to European America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc due to our advanced production technology and strict quality management systems and have gained trust and praise from our dosmestic and abroad customers. We look forward to your… Continue reading

  • Differences between Plastic Bottles and Glass Bottles for Cosmetics

    Cosmetic glass bottles: Glass bottle is the traditional packing product. Its characteristics: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, air proof, easy to shape but heavy weight and break easily. 80%-90% glass packing vessel is glass bottles and jars. The density of sodium-calcium glass bottles is usually 2.5-2.6g CM3, with high brittleness and low thermal conductivity. The use of metal ion coloring agent can be made into emerald, dark green, light cyan, amber glass. The advantages of glass packaging containers: (1) Good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, hygienic and clean, without any adverse effects on the packaging, (2) good barrier, can provide good quality and durability conditions; (3) Transparent, the inside can be clearly visible; (4) The rigidity is good, not easy to deform, (5) Molding processing is good, can be processed into many types; (6) Temperature tolerance is good, can be high-temperature sterilization, but also low-temperature storage; (7) Rich raw materials, recyclable re-use, pollution-free environment. Defects of glass packaging containers (1) brittleness, easy to Break, (2) heavy weight, high transport costs, (3) Large energy consumption during processing, serious environmental pollution; (4) Poor printing performance Cosmetic Plastic Bottles: Plastic is a polymer composite materials, more kinds, the advantages are: (1) Good… Continue reading

  • Airless Bottle Features

    Nowadays, airless bottle packaging received the favour of many high-end cosmetics brand, such as SAMPAR VIVID RADIANCE SERUM,MAMONDE Total Solution Smart Watery Cream, they use the airless bottles to hold the skin care products. Indeed, airless bottle looks higher grade than other plastic bottles, that is the key one.I think another important factor is that airless environment can well protect our skin care products. Airless container is in a sealed condition, is can’t get into the air, forming a fully enclosed environment, make the products not polluted by the outside world. It can prolong products saving time, let the large capacity products can last longer. Press type airless bottle design, it is more convenient to use. Good airless bottle is absolutely don’t have to worry about product residue in the bottom. the airless pump system will press the product to the mouth, even a drop of it. Besides,opaque milk white bottle protects skin care products from oxidation.

  • How to Take Advantage of Cosmetic Bottles When Skin Care Products Used Up?

    As a girl, we can not be without skin care products everyday. We buy the skin care products in four seasons. Therefore, we will have a lot of empty bottles after one year. Then how do we manage the empty bottles? This article, i will teach you some ways: DIY vase The package of skin care products for many brands are made more and more beautiful, plus the concept of advocating environmental protection, the cosmetic bottles are made to vase are most applicable. Meaty plant I have a lot of friends who like to collect and plant meaty. Actually, meaty does not have too much functions, but only for its looks, which can be showed to the public. So if you have many empty bottles, you could plant various kinds of meaty and use them to decorate the room. To put small pieces You could select the one the most you like to put your earrings, rings, etc. If you think it is too dull, you could also make some artwares as decorations, such as stars, rose, etc. Air cushion DIY Empty cosmetic bottles or cosmetic jars could also be used as air cushion. If you’re interested in, I could… Continue reading


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