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At present, the domestic various industries are in the transformation and upgrading. With the rising of raw materials, wages and so on, as a labor-intensive glass bottle manufacturers, face more and more pressure. There are a lot of glass bottles in the domestic enterprises, in the export sector accounted for the majority of business, with the pressure of foreign exchange, wages increased, in the export competitiveness is becoming weaker.

In the past, the domestic glass bottle enterprises received a single mainly through the foreign trade companies and exhibition forms. Through the foreign trade company’s glass bottle orders have a large part of the profits into the foreign trade company’s pockets, the profit is not high, through the exhibition of foreign related glass bottles to obtain orders, the exhibition fee and related personnel costs, accumulated every year is a small burden. Now, with the development of the Internet, glass bottle enterprises through the form of network to obtain domestic and international glass bottles orders, the network to promote the cost of a lot of investment, to a certain extent, reduce the burden of enterprises.

We hope that more and more bottle-glass companies will be able to transfer part of the focus of sales to the network, reduce the cost of enterprise sales. In order to enhance the competitiveness of products, while more funds to support the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


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