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Most of the time, we see a glass bottle as simply as a container for packaging. However, glass bottles are packed in a wide range of areas, beverages, food, cosmetics, medicine. In fact, glass bottles in the packaging, but also play a role in other functions.

Let’s start by talking about the role of glass bottles in wine packaging, and we all know that wine is almost always packaged in glass bottles, and that the colours are dark. In fact, dark wine glass bottles can play a role in protecting the quality of wine, to avoid wine because of the cause of the deterioration of light, to protect the better storage of wine. In other words, oil bottles, in fact, essential oil is very easy to play, the light requirements are very strict, therefore, essential oil bottles to protect essential oil is not easy to evaporate.

So, glass bottles in food, medicine and other fields should do more. For example, food needs durability, how to further enhance the shelf life of food through the packaging of glass bottles is very necessary.


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