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As a girl, we can not be without skin care products everyday. We buy the skin care products in four seasons. Therefore, we will have a lot of empty bottles after one year. Then how do we manage the empty bottles? This article, i will teach you some ways:

  1. DIY vase

The package of skin care products for many brands are made more and more beautiful, plus the concept of advocating environmental protection, the cosmetic bottles are made to vase are most applicable.

  1. Meaty plant

I have a lot of friends who like to collect and plant meaty. Actually, meaty does not have too much functions, but only for its looks, which can be showed to the public. So if you have many empty bottles, you could plant various kinds of meaty and use them to decorate the room.

  1. To put small pieces

You could select the one the most you like to put your earrings, rings, etc. If you think it is too dull, you could also make some artwares as decorations, such as stars, rose, etc.

  1. Air cushion DIY

Empty cosmetic bottles or cosmetic jars could also be used as air cushion. If you’re interested in, I could teach you how to make it.

Hope this article will be helpful for you to take advantage of cosmetic bottles.



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