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Some of the cosmetics that people now use are vacuum bottles with a lot of pressure, in the use of the time only need to gently press a few can come out, and then can backlog in their own palm inside, so this bottle is based on what principle can squeeze out things, what is the material of the bottle, we need to know.

Cosmetic vacuum bottle If is extruded, then need to the bottle material has a better choice, should be not easy to break, preferably can choose plastic material, not easy to break down, and bear the pressure is relatively strong. In general, the bottle containing cosmetics is inside the bottle will have a free movement of the site, and then use the process will slowly move to the top, until the bottle inside the thing is about to run out of time and then this tray will be closer to the top of the bottle near the position.

Then open the lid and push the removable pallet to the bottom should be a lot of time to wash the bottle clean, because skin care products are needed to be relatively clean, and then can be installed in cosmetics, if the pressure is not big enough, then you can try a lot of pressing a few, then can be more easily squeezed out of cosmetics.

This is the vacuum bottle used to install some of the principles of cosmetics, in the use of the process should be better than control, do not let these things crash out, be careful to operate.


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