Category: PP Roll On Bottle

There are mainly PP roll-on bottles and PETG roll-on bottles in this product group. They come with bottles, fitment & ball, and cap. 

For PP roll-on bottles, the available capacity is 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, 8ml, 10ml, 12ml, 15ml, 18ml, 20ml, 25ml and 30ml. 

For PETG roll-on bottles, the available capacity 12ml, 15ml, and 20ml.

Generally speaking, the roller ball can be made in glass, plastic, steel and triple steels. While the cap can be both PP and anodized aluminum.

Labeling, silk screen printing and hot stamping can be applied to the bottle or cap. 

These roll-on bottles can be a top choice for eye cream, perfume, and more. Be sure to test them with your unique products to ensure complete compatibility before purchasing in bulk.

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