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New Trends of Cosmetic Packaging 2020

New trends are emerging in the global cosmetic packaging industry. There has been a shift towards customization and smaller packaging sizes, which are smaller and portable and can be used on the move. 

Simple and clean packaging design is also very popular. They provide an elegant and high-quality feel to the product. Most cosmetic brands are increasingly using environmentally friendly packaging, which provides a positive image of the brand and reduces the threat to the environment.

Packaging plays a very important role in the cosmetics industry. Exquisite packaging can drive the sales of cosmetics. Different industries use different materials for packaging. As cosmetics is easily damaged and polluted by weather, it is very important to have safe packaging.

Some of the most important considerations when designing attractive cosmetic packaging are as follows:

  1. The primary consideration for effective cosmetic packaging is to determine the type of material used for the packaging.
  2. Packaging materials should extend the shelf life of the product. It should be resistant to chemical corrosion, and must not react with chemicals in cosmetics, otherwise it may cause product contamination. This ensures that the cosmetics are safe to use and maintain their original characteristics.

  3. Packaging materials should also have sufficient impact resistance and durability to protect the packaged products from damage and contamination during transportation. Packaging materials should increase product value.

The packaging of cosmetics should be convenient for contact with customers. It should be ergonomically designed and easy to grasp and use every day. The packaging should be well designed so that it is not too difficult to open and use the product.

Cosmetics are expensive product, so cosmetic packaging should allow customers to use the product in optimal quantities and avoid waste. 

For cosmetic packaging, it is very important to clearly and honestly disclose all ingredients and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Some users may be allergic to certain chemicals, so they can choose the product accordingly. The manufacturing date and effective date should also be clearly printed to help customers purchase products.

Labels should also be attractive and use impressive graphic  to attract customers’ attention and help build brand awareness and recognition.

The current trend in cosmetic packaging is simple design. This design provides a clean and beautiful appearance, and provides the feeling of high-quality delicate cosmetics.

The clean and simple design is very elegant, which makes it stand out from the competition.

Compared with messy packaging, customers prefer simple design. The color and font of the packaging should be consistent with the brand, thus helping customers to establish contact with the brand only through the packaging.

The company logo and product logo (if any) should be clearly embossed or printed on the packaging to establish the brand.

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